Pittsford Woods Firewood
Supplying Firewood Since 1973
The trucks that will deliver firewood to your house!

Reliable and Immediate Delivery

All firewood orders are delivered and either dumped or stacked.  It is not possible for customers to pick up firewood.

Firewood can be dumped wherever a truck can have easy access, preferably a driveway, or an area near a driveway.

Stacking is available within 15 feet of wherever a truck has easy access, such as the garage or near a driveway.

Stacking is available only to customers in zip codes 14534, 14618, 14450, or close vicinity.

To place an order, please call Scottie Hatch at
(585) 586-1518 or email pittsfordfirewood@gmail.com

Email orders can result in same day delivery!